Getting back out there…

As a singing teacher, I probably say “You can do this” about 100 times a day! Recently, I decided to head back in to the recording studio and record a song I’d written years ago.  Just for me, a sort of fun project.  Little did I know it would spark a passion that I had sort of pushed down for many years.  I came out of that studio wondering why I hadn’t done this for so long, and then it hit me.

I have spent the last 5-6 years focusing all my energy on lifting other people, building their confidence and watching many of them make fantastic careers in the music industry, but I had no one there to push me.  Now, I know it sounds as though I needed someone to tell me I’m amazing every 5 minutes but I assure you, thats not what I mean (that would be fantastic though, right?! ha).  Just one person telling me “that song is brilliant” was all it took.  Thats when the cogs started turning and instead of brushing off the compliment, I decided to run with it.  I am telling you now, it feels great!

There’s a lesson to be learned here for everyone.  It is amazing to lift other people up and be an enabler but don’t forget…

You need to tell yourself too! As well as surround yourself with kind, supportive people. Which, thankfully, is what I have right now (so thankyou!)


So, below is a little preview of the song i recorded that is being released on 1st May in iTunes etc and hopefully my next blog will include upcoming gigs (gulp!).  I’m not afraid to say how nervous I am about getting back out there but fear shouldn’t stop you from doing anything!


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As always, thanks for reading and supporting!


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Author: rainfordandormskirkvocalacademy

I'm a singing teacher based in the North West, UK teaching classes and one to one lessons.

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