Singing: Getting back into it!

Top tips for getting back in to your lessons with ease after a long break.

Summer holidays are almost over and some students have taken a break for most or all of it. Here are some top tips for getting back in to your lessons with ease! 

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1.  Prepare a list of songs.

Your favourite artists have probably been releasing loads of catchy tunes over the break but as soon as you sit in your singing room, you won’t remember a single one! Create a list either in a notepad or on your phone/tablet that way you have inspiration at hand on that first lesson back!

2. Start warming up again.

It’s absolutely fine to have a rest from singing but if you’ve done absolutely nothing for a few weeks, you might want to start building strength in those vocal muscles again (yes, just like they gym!) If you don’t, you might find the first few weeks difficult and leave your lessons feeling tired and maybe even a little sore! Below is our basic warm up to help you!

3. Sing!

After you’ve warmed up, sing some old familiar songs to help wake your body and mind up and get in to the swing of things again.

4. Set Some Goals.

Do you want to extend your range? Perform in front of an audience? Do you want to be able to sing that one song you’ve always struggled with?  Setting goals is a great way to get back in to your singing lessons, they can be as big or as small as you like just make sure they’re attainable and you have discussed them with your singing teacher! Don’t forget to give yourself a time frame too!

5.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you haven’t been singing regularly, don’t be surprised if you don’t feel you’re as strong as you were at the end of last term.  This is to be expected.  Again, it’s like taking a break from the gym, you may have lost stamina and strength which will effect your singing.  Don’t worry, with a bit of time and practice, you will be back to full voice in no time! Talk to your singing teacher about different exercises suitable for your voice.


I hope this helps ease back in to singing lessons and I look forward to seeing everyone return to lessons here at Rainford & Ormskirk Vocal Academy.


To book a lesson with Katie, please phone/text 07867410048 or email  For more information visit 

Author: rainfordandormskirkvocalacademy

I'm a singing teacher based in the North West, UK teaching classes and one to one lessons.

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